BACK2NATURE, Life In Motion Diet. Like their ancestors the wolves in the wild, dogs are made to be in motion- actively moving, propelling them forward. This optimum state of well-being is the premise of BACK2NATURE, Life In Motion Diet. We believe by living “A Life In Motion”- Dogs truly experience a healthier, well-rounded life; less prone to disease and illness.
BACK2NATURE, Life In Motion Diet. Mimics the ancestral diet of canines as nature intended. Our diet includes dehydrated fresh meats or fish being the first ingredients which provides 400% more meat protein; all gently dried without exposure to high temperature to preserve the natural nutrients within the food. All combined with healthy fats with low-glycemic vegetable like lentils and sweet potato!
BACK2NATURE, Life In Motion Diet is void of common allergens (i.e. chicken and grains). Our ingredients are sourced regionally in Europe and produced in small batches in our world-class kitchen. Join us on our journey to healthier thriving lifestyle for our pets!


Super Premium Grain Free Pet Food, Enriched With Omega 3 & 6 With Probiotics. Suitable For All Breeds At All Life Stages.

Life In Motion Diet Wellness Re-Defined


Rich In Meat & Protein

We understand that dogs are thriving on meat and protein rich diet. Thus, we crafted our recipes with dehydrated meat being the first ingredient. Dehydrated meat is considered a meat concentrate in which it is often gently air dried with the moisture removed. It contains more than 4 times as much protein as fresh meat. The dehydrated meat combined with quality animal fats in our recipes nourishes dogs the way nature intended.

Low Temperature Prepared

Unlike dehydrated meat which is gently air dried, rendered meal (for eg. chicken meal / lamb meal) is the concentrated protein powder that is derived from high temperature of cooking of meats. Much nutrients are often lost in the process of high temperature rendering. So we use only dehydrated meat and not rendered meal in our recipes and prepared our food in low temperature and small batches to preserve the natural goodness and nutrients of the ingredients.

Limited Ingredients Diet

A limited ingredients diet doesn’t necessarily mean a single meat or a single protein diet. In the wild, dogs thrive on an assortment of meats. They will eat what they are able to hunt in their everyday life. Keeping this in mind our recipes actually features a rich combination of meats, poultry and fishes combine with some limited pure and simple ingredients as nature intended so dogs with different condition are able to be nourished with our Life in Motion diet.

Low Glycemic Nutrition

Glycemic index is a scale that tells how much a food raises blood sugar. To lead a life in motion, dogs should only thrive on Low GI nutrition thus preventing health issues like heart attack, diabetes and obesity. Our recipes use only super low GI vegetables like lentils , sweet potato and pea to replace commonly seen fast sugar like potato and tapioca to help reducing blood sugar and promote a healthier life.

No Grains Or Fillers, Only Fresh Vegetables

Through DNA studies, we could very well know that dogs evolved from their ancestor – wolves, so it comes with no surprise that their diet should be a meat based diet. Yet dogs must not be neglected for their essential omnivorous ability. They have been proven that they live a better health by consuming optimal vegetables and low carbohydrates. Our recipes use nutritional vegetables to replace grain and filler commonly seen. We do not use wheat, soy, corn, potato, tapioca and gluten.

Allergy Friendly Diet

Research shown that more and more dogs are prone to be developing allergies caused by the food they consumed and yet the main cause that triggered the allergies remain mysterious. Keeping in mind that to live a life in motion, a dog must be in his best state of well-being and stress free, we wanted to play safe by crafting our recipes to avoid commonly identified allergens like chicken ingredients, dairy, animal by products so that the owners can have a piece of mind in their dogs’ daily meal time. These recipes combine with limited ingredient nutrition shall form a perfect diet for dogs with sensitive skins and digestive tract.

Our Promise Quality Assured

Made With The Finest Ingredients As Pet Owners, All Our Products Are Developed With Your Pet’s Well-being In Mind. Our Mission Is to Create Safe, Pure, High Quality And Balanced Pet Food For Your Pets

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